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Based on Japan's success in the Covid-19 pandemic


This self-sterilization card is approved by the FDA as a medical device to sterilize and protect people against contamination during the epidemy. C-Cards protect the contents from spreading infection or being infected.

Continuously release harmless chlorine dioxide combined with 12 pathogens directly in front of the face that remove 99% bacteria and viruses from the air you breathe which creates a safe environment.

The effect of the pathogens eliminated by the C-Card is valid for up to 20 days after unsealing due to artificial preservatives. It can also be used in the home for purification and sterilization.

 In addition to an extra last, can be added extra chlorine dioxide by simply laying over the holes.

Kids cardholders should be supervised! Keep out of the reach of children for up to 5 years.


Please expect 3-8 days delivery time due to huge demand

Shipped from Arizona, Scottsdale